Ono Daisuke: Lunar Maria

October 29, 2012



OnoD’s new single! Yeey!

I’m really, really happy about this CD!
OnoD’s voice is flawless and we all know it. But since he started his musical career, he had the image of a “smexy rich playboyish man”. His songs also followed this aesthetic. (Netsuretsu ANSWER? Delight? pff).

But being the seiyuu he is, the fans expected something more…Mature, elegant, lovely but manly, yet sexy.
Lunar Maria is here!

*fangirl squeaks, kyuun*

The Lunar Maria PV is beautiful. Beautiful. OnoD at his sexiest moments.
But my favorite is still the second track! 
The lyrics are so damn ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I don’t have even words.
You can purchase it on CD Japan or Amazon Japan but you can also download it anywhere on internet, I’m not going to giveaway links because I don’t want to support piracy even tough I download singles afshufhsuhsuhfsua


Blog Ressurection

October 29, 2012

It took me a while.

I’ll be writing this blog again.

It died, I know. My main purpouse was to bring translated and romanized japanese “underground” lyrics. Doujin, anime, character songs. I love japanese, I love translating. But since I finished school and started University, gym, made new friends and etc, I’ve got a time shortage…Also, doujin singers like Haruka Shimotsuki and underground bands like Yousei Teikoku or Sound Horizon got REALLY popular, you can find their lyrics almost anywhere!
I usually don’t like translating stuff that you already can find on internet…My idea was to offer things you couldn’t find on internet.
There are still plenty of stuff I can offer, which I may bring periodically, but…For the time being, I’ll use this as my personal blog.
I love my blog and it’s name, so even being a personal blog, it will still be my own music garden.
After all, I’d like to keep on with the musical posts.

I want to thank everyone who supported me through those years, I was really happy by each comment and email I received! I was even happier to know that my blog brought people what they were looking for!


NattokuP- Pride

December 9, 2011

I found this song while looking for more song by my beloved and awesome Rekka Katakiri. Rekka sang it for her (mini >:) album Katakiri Min no Yuutsu, a very interesting work where she sings her favorite vocaloid songs. (Together with two AWESOME versions of the Evil series by the Kagamine Twins. She sounds SO MUCH like Len that is even disturbing. She sounds more like Len than Len himself.)

The two Aku no songs were awesome as expected but this one is even more…Interesting. Interesting because, for me, a huuuuge Rekka fan, I would never guess it was a Vocaloid song. It sounds so Rekka-like that I would say it was an original song by her.

All the horror, cute instrumentals,haunting melody, innocent vocabulary, distortion (I love how this word defines Rekka perfectly!).
I highly recommend it. ~

The verb Uru/Urimasu have two different meanings: to sell and to be popular.

Miku’s Original Version (With PV)

Rekka’s Awesome Version ~ (No PV ;_;)

Romaji ~

Seken kara no me wo kobamu
Tsukareta hitori no otoko
Hitobito no heibon wo nageiteru
Kare wa kokou no ekaki

“Ore no geijutsu wo wakari ya shinai darou?”
Kare wa e wo kaku jidai wo matte

Kodawatte tsumazuite
Tomadotte samayotte
Takabutte wazuratte egaku

Demo e ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai

Demo, sore de ii
Aa, sore de ii

“Gijutsu ya riron ya iranai kono tamashii sae areba”
Kare wa e wo kaku jidai ni kakurete

Dakyou mo omoneri mo
Mohou mo ryuukou ni noru ki mo
Kesshite nai

Tada kobiru nara ureru no ka?
Netamashii  sou ja nai
Nige na no ka? Nige ja nai
Nigeru no ka? Nigetenai

Mou, wakaranai
Tada, modorenai

Kodawatte tsumazuite
Tomadotte samayotte
Takabutte wazuratte kaku

Demo e ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai

Demo, kore ga ii
Aa, kore ga ii

Koten wo hiraku kyaku ga futari
Sukunai kare no rikaisha
Yoi tokoro wo sagashite homeru
Karera mo urenai egaki

English ~

There is a tired man, alone
Who rejects society
He is an isolated painter
Who laments the normality of humanity

“Won’t they understand my art?”
He paints, waiting for an era

Obsessively, stumbling
Perplexed, wandering
Proudly, falling ill, he paints

But his paintings don’t sell (are not popular)
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell

But, it’s good that way
Ah, it’s good that way

“I don’t need techniches or theories as long as I have this soul”
He paints, hiding on his era

He never
Compromises, flatters
Copies, falls into fashions

If I flatter about them, would they sell? (be popular?)
But then, wouldn’t it be envy?
Would it be a escape? It wouldn’t be a escape
Run away? I won’t run away

I don’t know anymore
I just…Can’t turn back anymore

Obsessively, stumbling
Perplexed, wandering
Proudly, falling ill, he paints

But his paintings don’t sell (are not popular)
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell

But, it’s good this way
Ah, it’s good this way

When he opened his only own exhibition alone
There were only 2 persons
The very few ones who could understand him
Who praised him for looking for a good place
They were also painters who couldn’t sell (were not popular)

Kanji ~






彼は絵を描く 時代を待って

こだわって つまずいて

戸惑って さまよって

高ぶって 患って描く

でも 絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない



「技術や理論はいらない この魂さえあれば」

彼は絵を描く 時代に隠れて

妥協も おもねりも

模倣も 流行に乗る気も


ただ 媚びたなら売れるのか?

ねたましい そうじゃない

逃げなのか? 逃げじゃない

逃げるのか? 逃げてない



こだわって つまずいて

戸惑って さまよって

高ぶって 患って描く

でも 絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない



個展を開く 客が二人





December 6, 2011

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Rekka Katakiri- Kinema Mukashibanashi ~Anabokko~

October 3, 2011

Kinema Mukashibanashi ~anabokko~

Kinema in the hole, track #5.

The Kinema Tale ~the hole~

This song is entirely sang in an old japanese,  with the vocabulary of a young country girl. Some words may be wrong or impossible to find in current dictionaries. The dialogues between ( ) were not in the lyrics, I didn’t want to take them by hear since I wasn’t sure of some words, but I translated the meaning. Tanuki is a specimen of japanese raccoon.


Mukashi mukashi, onogo to onago ga otta to na
Sore wa sore wa nakamutsumajii onogo to onago ga otta to na
Aru hi, yama e futari sorotte tokutoku sanpo e itta to na
Otento sama nikori warote pokapoka tenki no oyamasan

…Itazuranbo no tanuki don…
…Gikkuri hotta anabokko…
…Onago ga ashi wo suberasete…
…Onogo to tomo ni okkochita…

Tobedo, munashi.
Sakebedo, munashi.
Makkura yami no, anabokko…

Mukashi mukashi, onogo to onago ga otta
Asa ga sugite, yoru ga sugite. Wamekazu, nakazu ni, matta to na.

…Itazuranbo no tanuki don…
…Gikkuri hotta anabokko…
…Sono uchi, ryoushi no oyaji ga…
…Mitsukete kureru, hazu dakara…

Iru wa, yasuku.
Deru wa, katashi.
Makkura yami no, anabokko…

Kiku mo kanashi.
Kataru mo kanashi.
Makkura yami no, anabokko…



Once upon a time, a long time ago, a girl and a boy fell.
My god, it’s so intimate, the way the girl and the boy fell.
That day, they gathered and went to a take a merry walk
The sun was gently smiling, the weather at the mountais felt so good

…In a hole dug by…
…The tricky Mr. Tanuki….
…The girl let her foot slip…
…And took the boy with her…

(-What should we do now?
-It’s hard, but we’ll be ok)

It’s useless calling
It’s useless shouting
On the pitch dark hole of darkness…

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a girl and a boy fell.
The morning passed by, the night passed by. They waiting, without even shouting or crying.

…In a hole dug by…
…The tricky Mr. Tanuki….
…At that time, they were sure…
…Their parents would come and find them…

“Brother, I’m hungry.”
“I’m sure help will come soon.”

“Brother, I’m hungry…”
“What are you doing? Stop…!”

It’s too sad to hear,
It’s also too sad to tell,
What happened on the pitch dark hole of darkness…

Kanji ~








Rekka Katakiri- Maiorita Tenshi

October 2, 2011

Maiorita Tenshi (Descending Angel)
Kinema in the hole, track #7.

Douka mou nakanaide tatoe sekai ni zetsubou shite mo
Itsumademo anata no koto wo aishiteru watashi ga koko ni iru kara

Susumu tabi anata wo kizutsukeru
Garasu ibara no kotoba tachi ni
Hiza wo tsuku koto no nai you ni
Watashi mo tomo ni arukimashou

Daremo ga motteiru hazu no
Senaka no hane ni kizuketa naraba

Douka mou nakanaide tatoe kono sekai ni zetsubou shite mo
Shinjireba sukuwarete yuku soshite kibou no tenshi wa maioriru

Ikiteiru sono koto ga sude ni
Tsumi ni mamireta kou na no ni
Dokomademo yuku koto de hatashite
Nani ga anata ni nokoru no deshou?

Giman de nuri katamerareta
Senaka no hane de toberu wa hazu mo naku

Kikoekuru zankoku na kotoba ga watashi wo umarekawaraseru
Shinjitemo sukuware wa sezu norowareta kokoro ni asu nado konai

Douka mou nakanaide tatoe kono sekai ni zetsubou shite mo
Hitotsu dake omoi daseba ii kibou nado hajime kara nakatta koto wo

(Kono sekai ni kibou nado nai

Kono sekai wa zetsubou ni michiteiru) **

**- The words inside the ( ) were done by hear, since they were not included in the lyrics.


Please don’t cry , even if you feel hopeless about this world

When the words like thorns of glass hurt you
When you try to move forward
You don’t need to drop down on your knees
I’ll walk forward with you

If your wings, that everyone is known to have
Are hurt…

…Please don’t cry, even if you feel hopeless about this world
If you believe, you will be saved. Then, the angels of hope shall descend to earth

If suddenly
Living becomes covered in sins
And you accomplish to go anywhere
What will be left to you?

If you become sure of your deceptions
You will also lose the sure of flying with your wings

The cruel words I hear make me reborn
So even if I believe, I won’t be saved
Since for a cursed heart
Tomorrow will never come

Please don’t cry, even if you feel hopeless about this world
You can think one thing: There was never hope, since the beginning

(There’s no hope on this world

This world is full of despair)

Kanji ~

どうかもう泣かないで 例えこの世界に絶望しても
いつまでも貴方の事を 愛してる私がここにいるから


背中の羽根に 気付けたならば

とうかもう泣かないで 例えこの世界に絶望しても
信じれば救われてゆく そして希望の天使は舞い降りる

「生きている」その 事 が 既 に
罪に塗れた 行 い な の に
どこまでも往く こ と で 果 た し て
何を貴方に 残 る の で し ょ う?

欺瞞で塗り 固 め ら れ た
背中の羽 根 で 飛べる は ず も 無 く

聞こえ来る 残酷な  言葉が私を 生 ま れ 変 わ ら せ る
信じても救われ は せ ず 呪 わ れ た 心 に 明 日な ど 来 な い

どうかもう泣かないで 例えこの世界に 絶望 しても
一つだけ思い出せば 良 い 希望 など 初 め か ら 無 かった こと を

Rekka Katakiri- Nanten no Ki

October 2, 2011

From Kienema in The Hole, track #2.

A nandina tree, also known as heavenly bamboo or sacred bamboo, is a tall shrub that bears red fruits and is known to have sacred proprieties in Japan (mostly against curses).

Niwasaki de akai minori wo tsuketa
Nanten no ki no shita utatane suru
Kimi no negao wo miru tabi fuan ni naru

Koi wo shitemo kekkon shite mo tsunoru
Ikura tsunagattemo tarinai…!
Kuruoshii made no kimi e no kono aijou

Aishiteru hoka no dare ni mo dekinai hodo ni
Aishiteru tsuyoku tsuyoku dakishimeteitai
Douka kono mama soba ni ite hoshiin da

Kodomo no koro yoku sou shite ita you ni
Takaramono tsuchi ni kakusou
Kuruizaku shikou ni risei wa kanawanai

Nanten no ki no shita ni kyou mo kimi to mukau
Ato sukoshi aruki susumeba tadoritsuku yo
Tsukiru koto mo naki aijou no naraku e to


As picked up a red ripe berry in the garden
I look at your sleeping face, napping under a nandina tree
And I feel afraid

Even if I love you
Even if we marry
No matter how much we are connected, is never enough
My love towards you is maddening

I love you, in a way I can’t love anyone else
I love you, I want to hold you tight, strongly
I want you to stay by my side like this

Just like I always imagined when I was a child
We would hide our treasures on the ground
But my mad fantasies will never be granted

Under the nandina tree, I will face you again today
And after walking forward a little we will reach
Without being any tired
The hell of love

Kanji ~

南天の木の下 うたた寝する

恋をしても 結婚しても募る

愛してる 他の誰にも出来ない程に
愛してる 強く強く抱きしめていたい
どうかこのまま 傍にいて欲しいんだ



September 22, 2011

Lolita Challenge day 3- 10 things I hate about lolita

Day 3 – 10 things you hate about lolita.

1- The price.  There are chepear ways to do things of course, but it’s an expensive hobby overral.

2- The fact I cannot buy things from local stores and the postal service. I just hate to wait for weeks or even months to get my hands on something I bought. The postal service in my country is just…. -_- One of the worst ones in the whole world.

3-Gothic, wa, qi, too much black…. I dont’ like it and I find the Mana-sama style gothic really ugly. Also, qi and wa are also ugly styles, even when done right, I find them ugly. Blah. And black is the color I hate most in lolita (but I have one black skirt lol XD And I like that skirt.)

4-Lack of comfort. It’s not comfortable to sit on your petticoat, walk on some lolita shoes (most of them hurt our feet), etc. When I sit in lolita I always think “Oh no, sitting will destroy my petticoat…” And oing to the bathroom with bloomers, petticoats, lots lots of rings can be a true nightmare.

5-False eyelashes. I mean, I LOVE them! They’re so pretty! But I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE AND APPLY THEM. I SUCK ON DOING IT. I JUST CANT DO IT RIGHT. Everytime I see an amazing make up using false eyelashes…I jelly.

6-Multicolored wigs. I don’t like them, for me they’re ugly.

7-Bad quality. Fabrics, laces, wigs, anything that has a bad quality ruins an outfit.

8-Itas. I mean, I love to have new people learning about lolita, but I hate those itas who dress like Misa from Death Note and claim they are in the most cute gothic lolita outfit and they are right, we are wrong.

9-Brand sizing. I wish brands could make ALL THEIR DRESSES IN DIFFERENT SIZES. I can say I fit any brand. From Mary d Magdalene to Angelic Pretty. But while is hard for me to breathe deep in a 64cm waisted skirt, Metamorphose’s dresses are way too big on me. Shame on you, brands.

10-The lacking of respect of the humanity.People cannot see something different on the street. They will mock you, kill you with they’re glances, say mean things…Of course there are nice people, but they are not the majority. But what I always do is to behave like a princess: stay proud, strong and be happy with the things I like!

Lolita Challenge day 2- 10 things I love about lolita

August 15, 2011

Day 2 – 10 things you love about lolita.

1- The prints! They can be sooo cute! I just love looking at prints. A boy wouldn’t understand how 30 flower prints can be different, but yes, for me they are! And each one of them can be special!

2- The details! Jabots, custom laces, frills, the icing of your cake earring…The sugary strawberry the bunny is eating on your dress…Just lovely.

3-The variety! A lot of styles, prints, trends! I just love how the fashion changes.

4-Undergarments! Fluffy bloomers, poofy petticoats! I just love the light feeling of wearing them.

5-Shoes! I never really cared about shoes. After knowing lolita, I started wanting to buy every lolita or loli-able shoe I find in every color! They’re all perfect for different outfits!

6-Socks! I just looooooooove socks! You can change outfits just by adding a pretty sock. And they are pretty cheap, so it’s easy to have a biiiiig collection of them! I have a lot!

7-Lace!  Soft, high quality lace! Makes everything prettier ❤ Cardigans, skirts, blouses, ribbons ~ What’s cuter than a lacy ribbon?

8-Hairstyles! I fail at styling my hair. Or maybe I just don’t have patience. But I love the variety of hairstyles and the  way girls match them with bonnets, hats, headdress..

9-The lifestyle! It’s lovely to have tea at 5PM, eat sweets, read, write letter, have dolls…There are so many special things that people don’t do anymore. Or that only children do. It’s like having an endless child/princess life <

10-Substyles & Themes! It’s an infinite variety.  Sometimes I think it’s impossible for someone do dislike lolita. Most girls would like it and find the ideal style/substyle for them once they knew really well about the fashion.

Lolita Challange ~Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble

August 8, 2011

1- My first steps ~ I liked lolita fashion from the very first time I found out about it. I really don’t remember when or how it was- maybe in 2005? But at that time I didn’t even feel like wearing it. When I looked at a picture of a dress, I just used to think, “Oh, cute!”. But in 2010 I had a chance to start purchasing from internet. Japanese stores started shipping overseas. People learned more about the fashion and started to dress better. Then I fell in love again and decided to be part of the wonderful world of this beautiful fashion :3

2- Support ~ I feel really sorry and bad when I read about a lolita who has trouble with her family/friends/boyfriend because of the fashion. But fortunately, I don’t have that problem. I get support from everyone. My dad helps me to buy, my mom helps me to choose/make new pieces, my friends all like and and my boyfriend don’t finds it weird or shameful. Yes! ❤

3-Favorites~ My favorites styles are sweet, sweet-oldshool, classical and classical-sweet. I also like country and sailor.♥
And I think they match me perfectly!

4-Changes ~ Lolita changed me. A lot. But for good. Before lolita, I used to hate shopping and dressing up. But now I love it. I also started finding myself prettier. I even started to like looking mainstream fashion shops, wondering if the things are ‘loliable’. I also became a lot more feminine. My self esteem rose up!<img class=”alignright” title=”Innocent World’s Little Lady cat print!

5-Cats! ~ I love animals. All of them. I’m even vegetarian for them. But my favorites are cats. I love cat prints! I plan on making a biiiig wardrobe of cat prints!

6-Determination ~ I’m a very strong person. I’m not ashamed of using lolita outside. I admit: I don’t like going out alone when dressing in lolita. But not for shame. But because I’m afraid someone could start mocking me… And I have a big fear of people, specially men I don’t know.

7-Naked skin ~ I don’t have anything against it. I like ankle socks. I like jumperskirts without blouses or boleros. I like sandals without socks. Actually, I find sandals with socks really ugly…

8-Fun ~ I have fun with lolita. I just loving going to meet-ups. It’s so much fun speaking with other people who have the same tastes! It makes me happy. I also get happy when a package arrives! It’s so…So magical to open the cardboard boxes and see what you bought! Really different from the pictures…Prettier! Touch it, feel the fabric, see the details…It’s just magical and so much fun.

9-Lifestyle ~ I wish I was a lifestyle lolita. I plan on decorating my room when I move with a lolita-theme. I bake, I cook, I sing, I take care of my pets, I eat desserts, I write letters, I draw, but even so…I still don’t think I’m a lifestyle lolita. I wish I had a garden, or a younger niece, little sister, little cousin, so we could make tea parties with stuffed animals…But yeah, I’m alone, so I don’t feel like being into the lifestyle. Not alone, its just boring…

10- I’m afraid. ~ I’m afraid of having to leave lolita someday. Or becoming ridiculous at it. Or stop loving it. It made my life so brigther, prettier, sweeter…I don’t want the fairytale to end. I’m afraid that when I’m finally independent enough to buy anything I want…I’ll be too old. I hope I keep on looking like 14 forever…