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Random thoughts~Fandubs!

December 2, 2009

Yesterday I downloaded the complete discography of K-on!. I am still listening to it,but it inspired me to post my fandubs today.

You,from Higurashi no Naku koro ni. Duet version,by me and Eiri.

I wanted to use a Shion+Satoshi picture,but Eiri liked this pic, “They are listening to the same song,and even being so close,they are looking at different places.” Valid argument!

Ryouri Kyoushitsu,sung by me. From Galaxy Angel~

A cute song about baking a cake and cookies n//n

Cantarella, by Eiri.

This song always was fascinating for me. Kaito’s charm is irresistible,and I am sure that every girl would melt with someone singing such an sexy song like this. Sensous,charming,mellow,mysterious and elegant. That is Cantarella. That’s why I begged him so much to sing it for me. So sexy uwaa x3

World is Mine– Me~

A failed attempt of singing a Vocaloid song. Yup,they have no gaps for breathing. But they are so vicious…Damn Vocaloid songs!

Million Love

Hanashi kaketakatta

Two of my favorite fandubs. The first, the cute and cheerful opening of Kage kara Mamoru!. The second,a pop cover-song from Rosario+Vampire.

As soon as possible (when I have time), I am planning to sing something from Hayate no Gotoku,or maybe K-on!. Or maybe,even try again something from Vocaloid… There are more fandubs on my youtube channel,but those are my favorites.



A stroll.

April 23, 2009

Not really a stroll. Sometimes I need to take a break of my hikikomori/internet stalker life and leave home.

Since Monday and Tuesday were holidays,I decided to hang out with a friend.

One of the Anises we found!~ Genis and Sheena are over there! *---* 

One of the Anises we found!~ Genis and Sheena are over there! *---*

It didn’t change my life too much because we went to an otaku spot,so…
Going there without money is madness =_= I was hungry and couldn’t even eat properly in order to pay the bus and

subway.Of course,I couldn’t buy anything,just take pictures.



Pictures with my friend’s cellphone,because my cellphone is so damn cheap and old that it can’t take pictures. At least pictures are for free…

Tales series figures~

Tales series figures~

 We decided to buy a birthday present for a friend who’s birthday is June 30th. Since she’s in love with the Tales series (I mean, Sync from ToA,she became a total fangirl),we were looking for Sync’s figure. We found a lots of characters from various Tales series, (Phantasia,Abyss,Symphonia) but we didn’t find any Sync. I was enchanted by a complete collection of the Symphonia series. I got Colette and Zelos,but I still need Sheena,Presea,Genis and Kratos. Those things are expensive,yes,they are =_= Raine and Regal are not included on this collection. Well,I miss Raine a bit,but actually,who cares for Regal? He’s total random character. I’ve never seen someone saying, “OMG REGAL IS SO HOT,HE RULEZZZ” or any fangirl (like Zelos’ hunnies or Kratos’ followers) dreaming about him. Actually I’m pretty happy he’s not included…heh.

 But well,we found Anise. I’m sure she would LOVE Sync,but she would be happy with Anise or Arietta.  We found a lots of Anises,we tried to look for cheaper ones,but they’re all the same price. Oh well,we’ll split it anyway~

Rozen Maiden series! That Suigintou was awesome! Sui IS always awesome 3 

Rozen Maiden series! That Suigintou was awesome! Sui IS always awesome ❤

Our friend was really happy when we told her,it was enough for us.

I really think the owner of the shops hated me. They were looking at me with ” ¬___¬” faces everytime and I felt their coldness.

But the owner of one of the shops was really happy,he even asked me if I’d like him to take off the figures from the boxes  in order to take better pictures! But I didn’t want to disturb,so I avoided it.
fate/stay/night collection!~

fate/stay/night collection!~

I was really surprised about the figure series. It was the first time I saw Rozen Maiden series complete (well,almost complete,Suiseiseki was missing…I usually see Hina,Kana and Sou,Shinku and Sui are ALWAYS missing! I wish I had enough money for them…*sigh*~ There was also a cute serie of fate/stay/night girls. Illya was SOOO CUUTE! I was enchanted by that sweet and pretty Illya figure.It was so cute…

I was also enchanted by Ryouko Asakura’s chibi figure. Since she’s  my favorite character from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu,that chibi doll was just too cruel and tempted me with her loli cuteness i__i
But surely the best figure was a TREASURE I found…
So damn expensive,but at least,I could look at her and admire all her details and the sweetness of her innocent smile~…

 My aspiration. Id die if it were Miku...

My aspiration. I'd die if it were Miku...


Rin Kagamine,from Vocaloid! Ahh,I wanted to cry…I really wanted to cry when I saw her price T___T…

When I arrived home,I was so tired of walking,I felt my entire body broken.

But well,it was a lot of fun. But it’s a lot more fun when you have money…
*Big sigh*~
Oh well~

New layout! (…Finally!)

April 16, 2009

Today I finally changed that nooby banana smoothie layout. Since I just suck on photoshop I earned this sweet gift from my cute little mentally adoptive sister,Phii.
Your onee-chan is really thanks to you n//n
It’s awesome how a little girl like her make such lovely works on photoshop.

The picture is from Haruka Shimotsuki’s newest single,break time.
I just loved the cover art…
This thing looks really better now…

Thank you,Phii n.n

Easter and break time!~

April 14, 2009

I’ve been really busy lately.

Really.I think I finally can start breathing and maybe try to post more ofter here.
I enjoyed my late easter with my family on RO.

Prontera looks kinda springful. Better than the previous white because of the winte snow ^^;

Prontera looks kinda 'springful'. Better than the previous white because of the winte snow ^^;

 I also found this sweet gosu-rori girl n//n I wonder if the lolita style is getting really popular. Looks like a junction between Mary Magdalene classical hats and dresses ( ) and Angelic Pretty black-colored costumes ( ).

I hope that,from now,everything works.
And then I can pay more attention to this blog. Poor blog~.

Zero no Tsukaima~

January 10, 2009

Today I feel like posting some of my romanji Zero no Tsukaima lyrics. Enjoy! :3

All romanjis by me.Please don’t steal them ;(

Symphonic Rain

December 28, 2008

Those days I *finally* got the game Symphonic Rain (Full version!! :DD).Unfortunately,I’ve got some problems with the japanese interface of my computer and game configurations.I wont lie -I was enchanted by the songs of this game.Ritsuko Okazaki’s unique style matches perfectly the rainy/gloomy,but soft and lovely atmosphere of this game.The game has got a lots of dialogues,so it makes it a little less enjoyable if you’re having problem to read the dialogues and if you just see empty windows…I need to fix it.At least,I still can hear the songs and play the adventure mode!The playing mode is REALLY hard (…Or maybe I’m just a big and slow dumb…)…Well,let’s practice a lots! n.n


Ktullanux Party!

December 3, 2008


Yesterday,I joined a “let’s own Ktullanux” party.It was really nice to summon it on the Ice Cave~ Since I was the priest,I just watched and kept distance from it (even that way,I died a lots of times…I’m too fragile XD).It was really late,I was hungry,but after some time (After a lots of “Recovery” spam on frozen party members…) we finally did it. I hope we can kill a lots of other MVPs n.n I’ll keep on training my priest until she becomes an useful High Priest!~ Ganbarimasu~

The first post!

December 2, 2008

Yaaay! I finally had some time and patience for this! I hope I can keep on with the main idea of this blog. Since doing a site was too hard for someone who doesn’t understand a THING about html and codes,I had to do it using a blog.I hope it can satisfy my basic necessities,ne?^^ I’m still working on this,and there’s nothing too nice to see on this blog for now,after all,I’m still trying to understand how it works~

I’m sure I’ll improve something.This is a test-post,by the way 😀

So,good luck for me! I’ll be doing my best!Ganbatte~!