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Blog Ressurection

October 29, 2012

It took me a while.

I’ll be writing this blog again.

It died, I know. My main purpouse was to bring translated and romanized japanese “underground” lyrics. Doujin, anime, character songs. I love japanese, I love translating. But since I finished school and started University, gym, made new friends and etc, I’ve got a time shortage…Also, doujin singers like Haruka Shimotsuki and underground bands like Yousei Teikoku or Sound Horizon got REALLY popular, you can find their lyrics almost anywhere!
I usually don’t like translating stuff that you already can find on internet…My idea was to offer things you couldn’t find on internet.
There are still plenty of stuff I can offer, which I may bring periodically, but…For the time being, I’ll use this as my personal blog.
I love my blog and it’s name, so even being a personal blog, it will still be my own music garden.
After all, I’d like to keep on with the musical posts.

I want to thank everyone who supported me through those years, I was really happy by each comment and email I received! I was even happier to know that my blog brought people what they were looking for!