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SnoW: NightmaRe (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori)

December 28, 2008


The opening song,performed by SnoW.Track 2 is a nice pop X’mas song.Yay,we have a karaoke track this time! ūüėĬ† NightmaRe has got enjoyable lyrics :3.

  1. NighthmaRe
  2. Yes
  3. NightmaRe (Instrumental)

Fate stay night Character Song Special-Taiga & Illya

December 4, 2008



The special release brings us the trouble-maker duo,Taiga (Tiger~! Rawr!)-sensei and Illya-chan on a happy and tricky song,with a lots of spoken parts! It’s the typical “Let’s make a big mess song”! Illya’s voice is soooo cute on this~ They’re really trouble! Where’s the remix?~ The instrumental track has a different arrange (SMALL differences,thought~).The title plays with the word “Toraburu” (Trouble) and Tora (Tiger,Taiga~!).Performed by Itou Miki (Taiga) and Mai Kadowaki (Illya).


  1. We are TORAburu
  2. We are TORAburu -karaoke-
  3. We are TORAburu -instrumental-

Fate stay night Character Song 8-Archer

December 4, 2008

The last (mhhh? No,not yet…~) of the singles is for the best Fate stay/night character,Archer.I must admit that I am *sigh* an Archer-fangirl.


/fangirl moment off

This is surely the best one of those releases.Let’s examine it¬†carefully.The cover art brings us a beautiful picture.Archers smiles maliciously for me,showing us his perfect body and face.The lyrics make much sense if you know about the relationship between Archer and Emiya.Everything on this songs is ambiguous-at first,the lyrics look like a loyality message to Rin,but if you pay attention…This song is full of hope. The hope of someone who believes in an ideal world,an idealism world,where everyone can be saved…Junichi¬†Suwabe sings it wonderfully,altought I still wanted to hear some english phrases on this song *sob sob*. But oh,what am I saying about this awesome release? It’s beautiful.It’s perfect.It’s Archer.¬†Archer-sama,come back to us… Oh, by the way,where are the chorus on track 2? They make the song prettier…I hate when they take off the backing vocals on karaoke tracks >_>

  1. Rise
  2. Rise -instrumental-
  3. Rise NUMBER201 Re-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 7-Emiya Shirou

December 4, 2008

Stop,Shirou!This angry face will not make you look stronger!It doesnt fit you!
Stop,Shirou!This angry face will not make you look stronger!It doesn’t fit you!

Ok.This time I was surprised: A male character’s single! Even Shirou being the main character,his single came after a lots of other not-too-important characters~ Personally,I don’t like main characters,and Shirou is not an exception ^//^” Shirou got a nice popularity,huh?^^;; A beautiful ballade performed by Sugiyama Noriaki.It’s a good song, (good song= good melody,interesting lyrics,good performance…)I’m surprised~o.o

  1. Kogane no Hikari
  2. Kogane no Hikari -instrumental-
  3. Kogane no Hikari NUMBER201 RE-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 6-Rider

December 4, 2008

The sexy servant’s single.I really enjoy Yuu Asakawa’s voice (since the Love Hina times~),so this single was like a present (at least,for me).Ohh,we can see her eyes on the cover~ Rider-sama is so pretty ‚̧ The song is really nice and Yuu’s singing is beautiful,as usual.I can say this is a good CD!^_^ Again,furigana tricks on the song title (just like on Caster’s.).It is Toki no Uzu,not Shunji no Uzu.

  1. Toki no Uzu
  2. Toki no Uzu -instrumental-
  3. Toki no Uzu NUMBER201 Re-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 5-Caster

December 4, 2008

After all the females got an Character single,I was wondering who was going to be the next one.The song matches her perfectly.After listening to it,I wonder if she was really in love with her Master.She looks so gentle on the cover art…Looks like a good character,not a bad one~The song name is Izanai,I’m not mistaken.It’s not Sasoi. The kanji used IS the Sasoi one,but the furigana over the song title on the official lyrics booklet reads IZANAI.I-ZA-NA-I. Performed by Atsuko Tanaka.

  1. Izanai
  2. Izanai -instrumental-
  3. Izanai NUMBER201 RE-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 4-Illya

December 4, 2008

Ahhh,Illya-chan’s single!~The character single of our little german girl.I just hate when my expectatives are destroyed.I was hoping a cute song,after all…Illya is cute or not?^^;; *sigh* It turned out to be a slow song,on a whispering voice.At least,the lyrics matches the character…Performed by Mai Kadowaki.

  1. Tsuki no Namida
  2. Tsuki no Namida -instrumental-
  3. Tsuki no Namida NUMBER201 Re-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 3-Sakura Matou

December 4, 2008

The 3rd single is a song from the annoying girl,Sakura~! Every anime has got an annoying character: Fate stay/night’s is Sakura.I wanted her to die when she was (SPOILER) kidnapped and almost sacrificed (SPOILER ENDS HERE).Her song is a mellow and sad song,a common unrequited love song.The typical “Hey,why don’t you look at me? I love you even if you’re with other girl!” song.Performed by Shitaya Noriko.

  1. Egao hitotsu de
  2. Egao hitotsu de  -instrumental-
  3. Egao hitotsu de NUMBER201 Re-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 2-Rin

December 4, 2008

The second character single from Fate stay/night presents us with a cuuuuuuuuuuute and girly song by Kana Ueda! (Rin Tohsaka). Kana’s voice is so powerful when singing n//n The song shows us a gentle and sweet Rin,a little different from the sarcastic and strong girl we see on the anime ^^ The lyrics are still really interesting and well-written.I said it; It’s…Girly.One of my favorites ^^; I don’t know why it comes with the instrumental track,this song is impossible to sing D: Kana’s voice is really good on it…

  2. KIRARI -instrumental-
  3. KIRARI NUMBER201 Re-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 1-Saber

December 4, 2008

The first of the character singles of this serie is,of course,for Saber. The song is performed by Ayako Kawasumi. The basic format of those singles is: Song,Karaoke,Remix. Simple,but useful. Nothing really special about the song,just what you would expect from Saber: slow and melancholic,but dreamy.Ayako (Saber…) may sound a little cold when singing,but I think that,after all,she’s just trying to focus on her objectives…^^ Oh,I really like the cover art…I like Saber and her outfits.Her smile,her hands on the sword,everything is really cute on that image.I really like it.

  1. Tooi Yume
  2. Tooi Yume (instrumental)
  3. Tooi Yume NUMBER201 Re-mix