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NattokuP- Pride

December 9, 2011

I found this song while looking for more song by my beloved and awesome Rekka Katakiri. Rekka sang it for her (mini >:) album Katakiri Min no Yuutsu, a very interesting work where she sings her favorite vocaloid songs. (Together with two AWESOME versions of the Evil series by the Kagamine Twins. She sounds SO MUCH like Len that is even disturbing. She sounds more like Len than Len himself.)

The two Aku no songs were awesome as expected but this one is even more…Interesting. Interesting because, for me, a huuuuge Rekka fan, I would never guess it was a Vocaloid song. It sounds so Rekka-like that I would say it was an original song by her.

All the horror, cute instrumentals,haunting melody, innocent vocabulary, distortion (I love how this word defines Rekka perfectly!).
I highly recommend it. ~

The verb Uru/Urimasu have two different meanings: to sell and to be popular.

Miku’s Original Version (With PV)

Rekka’s Awesome Version ~ (No PV ;_;)

Romaji ~

Seken kara no me wo kobamu
Tsukareta hitori no otoko
Hitobito no heibon wo nageiteru
Kare wa kokou no ekaki

“Ore no geijutsu wo wakari ya shinai darou?”
Kare wa e wo kaku jidai wo matte

Kodawatte tsumazuite
Tomadotte samayotte
Takabutte wazuratte egaku

Demo e ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai

Demo, sore de ii
Aa, sore de ii

“Gijutsu ya riron ya iranai kono tamashii sae areba”
Kare wa e wo kaku jidai ni kakurete

Dakyou mo omoneri mo
Mohou mo ryuukou ni noru ki mo
Kesshite nai

Tada kobiru nara ureru no ka?
Netamashii  sou ja nai
Nige na no ka? Nige ja nai
Nigeru no ka? Nigetenai

Mou, wakaranai
Tada, modorenai

Kodawatte tsumazuite
Tomadotte samayotte
Takabutte wazuratte kaku

Demo e ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai
E ga urenai e ga urenai

Demo, kore ga ii
Aa, kore ga ii

Koten wo hiraku kyaku ga futari
Sukunai kare no rikaisha
Yoi tokoro wo sagashite homeru
Karera mo urenai egaki

English ~

There is a tired man, alone
Who rejects society
He is an isolated painter
Who laments the normality of humanity

“Won’t they understand my art?”
He paints, waiting for an era

Obsessively, stumbling
Perplexed, wandering
Proudly, falling ill, he paints

But his paintings don’t sell (are not popular)
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell

But, it’s good that way
Ah, it’s good that way

“I don’t need techniches or theories as long as I have this soul”
He paints, hiding on his era

He never
Compromises, flatters
Copies, falls into fashions

If I flatter about them, would they sell? (be popular?)
But then, wouldn’t it be envy?
Would it be a escape? It wouldn’t be a escape
Run away? I won’t run away

I don’t know anymore
I just…Can’t turn back anymore

Obsessively, stumbling
Perplexed, wandering
Proudly, falling ill, he paints

But his paintings don’t sell (are not popular)
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell
His paintings don’t sell

But, it’s good this way
Ah, it’s good this way

When he opened his only own exhibition alone
There were only 2 persons
The very few ones who could understand him
Who praised him for looking for a good place
They were also painters who couldn’t sell (were not popular)

Kanji ~






彼は絵を描く 時代を待って

こだわって つまずいて

戸惑って さまよって

高ぶって 患って描く

でも 絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない



「技術や理論はいらない この魂さえあれば」

彼は絵を描く 時代に隠れて

妥協も おもねりも

模倣も 流行に乗る気も


ただ 媚びたなら売れるのか?

ねたましい そうじゃない

逃げなのか? 逃げじゃない

逃げるのか? 逃げてない



こだわって つまずいて

戸惑って さまよって

高ぶって 患って描く

でも 絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない

絵が売れない 絵が売れない



個展を開く 客が二人





Vocaloid- Snow Songs

November 18, 2010

On the very begginning of this year, I first downloaded this album while living abroad. Since I came back in the middle of the year, I just remembered about it now.

The album is a winter release and the limited version (10,ooo copies) came with a cute figure of a Winter Miku ^_^
As the title suggests, it’s a collection of new and old winter songs by the Vocaloids, by different productors.

The songs are mostly by Miku. But in my opinion, the best songs are not sang by Miku. I am kinda tired of her high voice, so my favorites are the tracks 4, 6, 8 12 and 13.
Track 4 is especially beautiful, cute, and has a atmosphere I can’t explain on it. Some parts of the songs made me remember of the winter on horror games, like Silent Hill. But the part where Rin speaks is so cute that I really can’t find one single word for it.
6 is a quiet song by Len that was beautifully covered by Asami Shimod
a on her album Prism. I really like Len’s voice when is used properly and on the right songs. This is one of them.
Track 8 is an exemple of how Meiko can be expressive and pretty when well used. The lyrics are also beautiful~ the first time I heard the song it really touched me.
Track 13 is a really cute song by Miku about kotatsu, the furniture japanese people use on winter. It’s really cute!


  1. Snow Piece (19’s Sound Factory) feat. Miku Hatsune
  2. Winter Alice (doriko) feat. Miku Hatsune
  3. Hitohira no (noripii) feat. Miku Hatsune
  4. Fuyu no Seiza (Captain Mirai) feat. Rin Kagamine
  5. Chillyditty Of February - DARS feat.KAITO
  6. soundless voice (Hitoshizuku P) feat. Len Kagamine
  7. White Lights (haura P) feat. Miku Hatsune
  8. Yuki Usagi (OSTER project) feat. Meiko
  9. Kimibun (40mP) feat. Miku Hatsune
  10. Tsunaida Te (mikuru 396) feat. Miku Hatsune
  11. Fuyu no Mahou (Studio IIG) feat.Miku Hatsune
  12. Fuyu no Sakura (SixteenRemix  AVTechNO!) feat.Luka Megurine
  13. Kotatsu no Uta (MaHime★P feat. Hatsune Miku)

World’s End-Never Ending Fantasia

October 10, 2009

Never Ending Fantasia

Worlds End-Never Ending Fantasia

World's End-Never Ending Fantasia

Catalogue Number: MMCC-4042
Release Date: 2003/6/6
2280 yen (?)

World’s End seems to be a project is a history/manga created (drew?) by Naoto Tenhiro,the designer of the famous (and old) serie Sister Princess. It’s about a young girl,Luna,who studies to become a magician and her friends,Carmine,Nero and Seles. The history/manga was published in a magazine with beautiful illustrations and texts/narratives.

The manga never got too popular (like Sister Princess) because it never became an animation. But it has a Drama CD and a short Character Song Album,titled “Never Ending Fantasia”. The album brings some popular seiyuus/singers,as Sakura Nogawa,Saeko Chiba,Fumiko Orikasa and Ai Shimizu (who was in the beginning of her carrier). The CD has 5 songs and 4 monologues-one for each character,and one song sung by them all.

It was a pain intheass for me to obtain this CD. Still, I couldn’t find it’s scans,a high quality cover picture or the official lyrics. I couldn’t even find too much information about it- the only source that has it is CD japan,and even so,it’s hard to find the cd in their site (and it’s out of print since the release date).

I’m still looking for more information and,more than anything,the official lyrics. Help would be appreciated :3 (that actually means, “I’m desperated for the lyrics,so if you have,please send me”.)


  1. Itsuka
  2. Musou Teien
  3. Kokuyouseki no Oukoku
  4. Tsubomi
  5. Mahou no Fuukei
  6. Monologue performed by Luna
  7. Monologue performed by Carmine
  8. Monologue performed by Nero
  9. Monologue performed by Seles

Haruka Shimotsuki- break time

April 16, 2009

I finally found Haruka Shimotsuki’s break time!  The title song is Haruka’s web radio show, “Frost Moon Cafe”  opening song.It’s a sweet and cutey song. Track 2 is the show ending song,a little more Shimotsukin-like song,with some ethnical tunes and ‘Harukal’ chorus.The cover art is REALLY cute. I just found out that the girl on the cover art is the same girl on Haruka Shimotsuki’s “Oto no Compass” cover and inner scans.But I couldn’t find any more information about her,I wonder if it’s some kind of mascot… I’m still looking for the booklet scans,though. Track 5 is a special version of her web program. I expected more from this cute-covered single…*sigh*~

  1. break time
  2. Owari no nai tabi
  3. break time -Instrumental
  4. Owari no nai tabi – Instrumental
  5. Frost Moon Cafe – CD Shiten-

Sakura Nogawa-Saita

April 13, 2009

Sakura Nogawa’s first album. I’m a big fan of Sakura-chan,but I recently downloaded her first album. It’s not too different from her recent albums. But I think that the lyrics of some songs from this album are really special and deep (#3,#6,#9,#11.). Some lyrics and arrangements by Hironobu Kageyama. That “Taidaima” on the beggining of track 09 is CUTE. ♥


  1.  ♪
  2. Kaze no naka no shounen
  3. Kare to kanojo to watashi
  4. Hoshi no furu oka
  5. Good Morning~Nyahho  ♪~
  6. Orenji no Kuchibeni
  7. Oasis
  8. Tobikiri ☆ Sakura Gumi
  9. Himawari no tane
  10. Soyokaze no rondo
  11. Mother
  12. white song
  13. Gunya~n SAITA ver

SnoW: NightmaRe (Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori)

December 28, 2008


The opening song,performed by SnoW.Track 2 is a nice pop X’mas song.Yay,we have a karaoke track this time! 😀  NightmaRe has got enjoyable lyrics :3.

  1. NighthmaRe
  2. Yes
  3. NightmaRe (Instrumental)

Fate stay night Character Song Special-Taiga & Illya

December 4, 2008



The special release brings us the trouble-maker duo,Taiga (Tiger~! Rawr!)-sensei and Illya-chan on a happy and tricky song,with a lots of spoken parts! It’s the typical “Let’s make a big mess song”! Illya’s voice is soooo cute on this~ They’re really trouble! Where’s the remix?~ The instrumental track has a different arrange (SMALL differences,thought~).The title plays with the word “Toraburu” (Trouble) and Tora (Tiger,Taiga~!).Performed by Itou Miki (Taiga) and Mai Kadowaki (Illya).


  1. We are TORAburu
  2. We are TORAburu -karaoke-
  3. We are TORAburu -instrumental-

Fate stay night Character Song 8-Archer

December 4, 2008

The last (mhhh? No,not yet…~) of the singles is for the best Fate stay/night character,Archer.I must admit that I am *sigh* an Archer-fangirl.


/fangirl moment off

This is surely the best one of those releases.Let’s examine it carefully.The cover art brings us a beautiful picture.Archers smiles maliciously for me,showing us his perfect body and face.The lyrics make much sense if you know about the relationship between Archer and Emiya.Everything on this songs is ambiguous-at first,the lyrics look like a loyality message to Rin,but if you pay attention…This song is full of hope. The hope of someone who believes in an ideal world,an idealism world,where everyone can be saved…Junichi Suwabe sings it wonderfully,altought I still wanted to hear some english phrases on this song *sob sob*. But oh,what am I saying about this awesome release? It’s beautiful.It’s perfect.It’s Archer. Archer-sama,come back to us… Oh, by the way,where are the chorus on track 2? They make the song prettier…I hate when they take off the backing vocals on karaoke tracks >_>

  1. Rise
  2. Rise -instrumental-
  3. Rise NUMBER201 Re-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 7-Emiya Shirou

December 4, 2008

Stop,Shirou!This angry face will not make you look stronger!It doesnt fit you!
Stop,Shirou!This angry face will not make you look stronger!It doesn’t fit you!

Ok.This time I was surprised: A male character’s single! Even Shirou being the main character,his single came after a lots of other not-too-important characters~ Personally,I don’t like main characters,and Shirou is not an exception ^//^” Shirou got a nice popularity,huh?^^;; A beautiful ballade performed by Sugiyama Noriaki.It’s a good song, (good song= good melody,interesting lyrics,good performance…)I’m surprised~o.o

  1. Kogane no Hikari
  2. Kogane no Hikari -instrumental-
  3. Kogane no Hikari NUMBER201 RE-mix

Fate stay night Character Song 6-Rider

December 4, 2008

The sexy servant’s single.I really enjoy Yuu Asakawa’s voice (since the Love Hina times~),so this single was like a present (at least,for me).Ohh,we can see her eyes on the cover~ Rider-sama is so pretty ❤ The song is really nice and Yuu’s singing is beautiful,as usual.I can say this is a good CD!^_^ Again,furigana tricks on the song title (just like on Caster’s.).It is Toki no Uzu,not Shunji no Uzu.

  1. Toki no Uzu
  2. Toki no Uzu -instrumental-
  3. Toki no Uzu NUMBER201 Re-mix