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Ono Daisuke: Lunar Maria

October 29, 2012



OnoD’s new single! Yeey!

I’m really, really happy about this CD!
OnoD’s voice is flawless and we all know it. But since he started his musical career, he had the image of a “smexy rich playboyish man”. His songs also followed this aesthetic. (Netsuretsu ANSWER? Delight? pff).

But being the seiyuu he is, the fans expected something more…Mature, elegant, lovely but manly, yet sexy.
Lunar Maria is here!

*fangirl squeaks, kyuun*

The Lunar Maria PV is beautiful. Beautiful. OnoD at his sexiest moments.
But my favorite is still the second track! 
The lyrics are so damn ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ I don’t have even words.
You can purchase it on CD Japan or Amazon Japan but you can also download it anywhere on internet, I’m not going to giveaway links because I don’t want to support piracy even tough I download singles afshufhsuhsuhfsua


Blog Ressurection

October 29, 2012

It took me a while.

I’ll be writing this blog again.

It died, I know. My main purpouse was to bring translated and romanized japanese “underground” lyrics. Doujin, anime, character songs. I love japanese, I love translating. But since I finished school and started University, gym, made new friends and etc, I’ve got a time shortage…Also, doujin singers like Haruka Shimotsuki and underground bands like Yousei Teikoku or Sound Horizon got REALLY popular, you can find their lyrics almost anywhere!
I usually don’t like translating stuff that you already can find on internet…My idea was to offer things you couldn’t find on internet.
There are still plenty of stuff I can offer, which I may bring periodically, but…For the time being, I’ll use this as my personal blog.
I love my blog and it’s name, so even being a personal blog, it will still be my own music garden.
After all, I’d like to keep on with the musical posts.

I want to thank everyone who supported me through those years, I was really happy by each comment and email I received! I was even happier to know that my blog brought people what they were looking for!