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September 22, 2011

Lolita Challenge day 3- 10 things I hate about lolita

Day 3 – 10 things you hate about lolita.

1- The price.  There are chepear ways to do things of course, but it’s an expensive hobby overral.

2- The fact I cannot buy things from local stores and the postal service. I just hate to wait for weeks or even months to get my hands on something I bought. The postal service in my country is just…. -_- One of the worst ones in the whole world.

3-Gothic, wa, qi, too much black…. I dont’ like it and I find the Mana-sama style gothic really ugly. Also, qi and wa are also ugly styles, even when done right, I find them ugly. Blah. And black is the color I hate most in lolita (but I have one black skirt lol XD And I like that skirt.)

4-Lack of comfort. It’s not comfortable to sit on your petticoat, walk on some lolita shoes (most of them hurt our feet), etc. When I sit in lolita I always think “Oh no, sitting will destroy my petticoat…” And oing to the bathroom with bloomers, petticoats, lots lots of rings can be a true nightmare.

5-False eyelashes. I mean, I LOVE them! They’re so pretty! But I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE AND APPLY THEM. I SUCK ON DOING IT. I JUST CANT DO IT RIGHT. Everytime I see an amazing make up using false eyelashes…I jelly.

6-Multicolored wigs. I don’t like them, for me they’re ugly.

7-Bad quality. Fabrics, laces, wigs, anything that has a bad quality ruins an outfit.

8-Itas. I mean, I love to have new people learning about lolita, but I hate those itas who dress like Misa from Death Note and claim they are in the most cute gothic lolita outfit and they are right, we are wrong.

9-Brand sizing. I wish brands could make ALL THEIR DRESSES IN DIFFERENT SIZES. I can say I fit any brand. From Mary d Magdalene to Angelic Pretty. But while is hard for me to breathe deep in a 64cm waisted skirt, Metamorphose’s dresses are way too big on me. Shame on you, brands.

10-The lacking of respect of the humanity.People cannot see something different on the street. They will mock you, kill you with they’re glances, say mean things…Of course there are nice people, but they are not the majority. But what I always do is to behave like a princess: stay proud, strong and be happy with the things I like!