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Rin Kagamine- Fuyu no Seiza

November 18, 2010
Constellations of the Winter
Fuyu no Seiza
Performed by Rin Kagamine, track 4 from Vocaloid- Snow Songs


Omoi mabuta de nemurenai furi
Yoru no hotori de kurayami ga shita wo dasu
Hoshi no pazuru no saigo no kakera
Kimi ni todoke to tsubuyaita shiroi iki

Wasurenai de ne yoru no fushigi wa
Hitomi tojireba itsudatte soko ni aru

Sora ga zenbu uso ni kieta tooi tooi yoru
Hoshi mo zenbu yume ni toketa fukai fukai yoru

“Kirin ooguma Andoromeda ni Kashiopea
Nee ano hoshitachi wa
Koko kara ittai dore kurai hanareteiru to omou?
Orion no ichiban akarui hoshi Rigeru ga
Hikari no hayasa de 800nen (Happyaku nen)
Watashitachi no miteiru sora wa
Zutto zuuuto mukashi ni kagayaita
Isshun no maboroshi na no ne”

Sora ga zenbu uso ni kieta tooi tooi yoru
Hoshi mo zenbu yume ni toketa fukai fukai yoru

Aoi tsuki mo shiroku hikaru chigireta kumo mo
Kaze mo biru mo utagoe mo
Uso ni kieta ano tooi tooi yoru


My heavy eyelids pretend to be sleepless
The darkness of the approaching night puts out it’s tongue
When I whispered for the last piece of the star puzzle to reach you
My breath was white

Don’t forget the wonders of this night
If you close your eyes
They will always be there

On that far, far away night
The sky falsely disappeared
All the starts, too
Melted on that deep, deep night

Ursa Major, Camelopardalis, Andromeda and Cassiopeia
Hey…How far do you think those stars are from here?
The brightest star of Orion, Rigel
Is from 800 light-years
This sky we are looking at now
Has been shining from a long, long time ago
It’s like a momentaneous illusion”

On that far, far away night
The sky falsely disappeared
All the starts, too
Melted on that deep, deep night
The shattered clouds and the pale moon shines white,
The wind, the buildings, this singing voice too
Everything falsely disappeared on that far, far away night


重いまぶたで 眠れないふり
夜のほとりの 暗闇が舌を出す
星のパズルの 最後のかけら
君に届けと  つぶやいた白い息
忘れないでね 夜の不思議は
瞳閉じれば いつだって そこにある
きりん おおぐま アンドロメダにカシオペア
ねえ あの星たちは
ここからいったい どれくらい離れていると思う?
ずっと ずーっと昔に輝いた

蒼い月も 白く光るちぎれた雲も

風も ビルも 歌声も

Vocaloid- Snow Songs

November 18, 2010

On the very begginning of this year, I first downloaded this album while living abroad. Since I came back in the middle of the year, I just remembered about it now.

The album is a winter release and the limited version (10,ooo copies) came with a cute figure of a Winter Miku ^_^
As the title suggests, it’s a collection of new and old winter songs by the Vocaloids, by different productors.

The songs are mostly by Miku. But in my opinion, the best songs are not sang by Miku. I am kinda tired of her high voice, so my favorites are the tracks 4, 6, 8 12 and 13.
Track 4 is especially beautiful, cute, and has a atmosphere I can’t explain on it. Some parts of the songs made me remember of the winter on horror games, like Silent Hill. But the part where Rin speaks is so cute that I really can’t find one single word for it.
6 is a quiet song by Len that was beautifully covered by Asami Shimod
a on her album Prism. I really like Len’s voice when is used properly and on the right songs. This is one of them.
Track 8 is an exemple of how Meiko can be expressive and pretty when well used. The lyrics are also beautiful~ the first time I heard the song it really touched me.
Track 13 is a really cute song by Miku about kotatsu, the furniture japanese people use on winter. It’s really cute!


  1. Snow Piece (19’s Sound Factory) feat. Miku Hatsune
  2. Winter Alice (doriko) feat. Miku Hatsune
  3. Hitohira no (noripii) feat. Miku Hatsune
  4. Fuyu no Seiza (Captain Mirai) feat. Rin Kagamine
  5. Chillyditty Of February - DARS feat.KAITO
  6. soundless voice (Hitoshizuku P) feat. Len Kagamine
  7. White Lights (haura P) feat. Miku Hatsune
  8. Yuki Usagi (OSTER project) feat. Meiko
  9. Kimibun (40mP) feat. Miku Hatsune
  10. Tsunaida Te (mikuru 396) feat. Miku Hatsune
  11. Fuyu no Mahou (Studio IIG) feat.Miku Hatsune
  12. Fuyu no Sakura (SixteenRemix  AVTechNO!) feat.Luka Megurine
  13. Kotatsu no Uta (MaHime★P feat. Hatsune Miku)