Fate stay night Character Song 8-Archer


The last (mhhh? No,not yet…~) of the singles is for the best Fate stay/night character,Archer.I must admit that I am *sigh* an Archer-fangirl.


/fangirl moment off

This is surely the best one of those releases.Let’s examine it carefully.The cover art brings us a beautiful picture.Archers smiles maliciously for me,showing us his perfect body and face.The lyrics make much sense if you know about the relationship between Archer and Emiya.Everything on this songs is ambiguous-at first,the lyrics look like a loyality message to Rin,but if you pay attention…This song is full of hope. The hope of someone who believes in an ideal world,an idealism world,where everyone can be saved…Junichi Suwabe sings it wonderfully,altought I still wanted to hear some english phrases on this song *sob sob*. But oh,what am I saying about this awesome release? It’s beautiful.It’s perfect.It’s Archer. Archer-sama,come back to us… Oh, by the way,where are the chorus on track 2? They make the song prettier…I hate when they take off the backing vocals on karaoke tracks >_>

  1. Rise
  2. Rise -instrumental-
  3. Rise NUMBER201 Re-mix

One Response to “Fate stay night Character Song 8-Archer”

  1. Kayori Says:

    I’ve been trying to figure this out since I downloaded the song this morning. Is that Fukuyama Yoshiki I hear in the background? And I swear the other sounds like Kageyama Hironobu. xDD

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