Fate stay night Character Song 1-Saber

The first of the character singles of this serie is,of course,for Saber. The song is performed by Ayako Kawasumi. The basic format of those singles is: Song,Karaoke,Remix. Simple,but useful. Nothing really special about the song,just what you would expect from Saber: slow and melancholic,but dreamy.Ayako (Saber…) may sound a little cold when singing,but I think that,after all,she’s just trying to focus on her objectives…^^ Oh,I really like the cover art…I like Saber and her outfits.Her smile,her hands on the sword,everything is really cute on that image.I really like it.

  1. Tooi Yume
  2. Tooi Yume (instrumental)
  3. Tooi Yume NUMBER201 Re-mix

One Response to “Fate stay night Character Song 1-Saber”

  1. BabyMayCry Says:

    saber it’s so cute a~ ^^V

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